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Lets Get Social...

As I watch my stunning daughter struggle through the social difficulties of becoming a teenage girl, it reminds me of how I was. Do you remember being a teenager? Being social, finding the right group of friends, how challenging it was. I would never want to go back. Let’s add in all the new technology, #Instagram #facebook #snapchat, #hashtags (what's that even mean) and WOW!!!

At my age it really is no different, however you may think you can't keep up, but my friends, you are doing O.K! Pat on the back to you.

In 2019, 85% are on Facebook...85%!!!!!! So, if you are in business, and have all day to day task of running your business (and there is a lot) learning all about social media, can be a huge drain on your time, precious time, that you need to use elsewhere. Firstly, you need to learn how it all works (that's just the way we are wired). Secondly, we need to overthink it, (for at least 5 days) then we give it a go, to find it didn't work with the first post, so we give up. Who can relate?

It is not all about the post either, listen up...You MUST engage as much as you can. Engagement is key, but here is where it gets tricky. This is the most time-consuming portion of the social media roller coaster. If you don't engage with your post, they get lost in the long stream of news feeds and get pushed to the bottom. Your post has vanished - POOF. If you assigned a staff member to manage your page, let’s look at the time they would spend on this:

10 hours a week @ $23/hour = $230 (that's $12k a year)


10 hours a week generating sales or whatever your business does, so I know where I would like to put my money. By having an expert focus on your social media and your brand like we do here at #brandyou, you’re thinking smarter. No learning (if you don't want to) your staff can continue to earn for you, and you are being looked after by people who do this as a business, this is what we know, and all we do...all day.

So, let’s get social.... It is easy to start, just contact me for a catch up, we will have a chat about your current marketing plan and see how we can create some great hype around what you do.

Thanks for readying my blog, please comment below if you have any questions, or feel free to email me:

Shannon Wilson

Brand You


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