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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Growing up we all dream BIG right? Well, I did anyway, especially when I was a small girl. I can certainly see how my children now dream of big things, becoming an All Black, or a famous fashion designer, and I LOVE IT.

As adults our dreams are squashed down into tiny fragments of broken glass, glistening in the sun on the road. So as a qualified adult, I want to encourage you to all DREAM again.

Just because you pay bills, work big hours, pay taxes, vote, and have debt (all things that come with being and adult)) shouldn't mean you should stop dreaming.

I have recently gone through a bit of a change, we moved, new car, different job, new schools, and it was very refreshing how amazing my 3 children handled it. However if you think back a few years (Ok 25++) this is something we would also do as children. Walk into a new classroom full of people we hadn't meet before, and by the end of lunch we had made at least 4 new best friends.

So as I embark on this new venture with Brand You my new Dream working with business owners helping with creative content, social media marketing, personal and business branding, I am excited I have taken the leap to dream again.

We can get so stuck in our grove of being an adult that we forget to dream. What was your dream as a child? Do you have a dream now? Write it down, and look at that on a flat piece of paper...How would you feel having achieved that dream? So in the coming months I am going to share this new journey with you, I will be sharing my passion for personal branding, website design, the power of social media, and my marketing knowledge. Helping business owners and individuals become a better version of themselves.

So, thanks for reading my blog, and feel free to leave a comment or share your dream (current or otherwise).

Shannon Wilson


Brand You

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